2018 Monthly Mystery Box


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With 2018 on the way, Toybania has some new brands and new yoyos coming in stock in 2018.

these mystery boxes will contain yoyos that have been never carried by us before and will be very limited in stock.

the mystery boxes are divided into 3 categories:

a. The LIEUTENANT for 35USD which contains 2 metal/bimetal yoyos worth at least 60USD limited to 6 boxes in total

b. The COLONEL(4A) for 40USD(for march) which contains 2 4A yoyos worth 80USD limited to 5 boxes in total(not for February)

c. The GENERAL for 70USD which contains 2 metal/bimetal/bimaterial yoyos worth 110USD limited to 6 boxes in total(not for February)


THE BOXES for the month of July get shipped on 20th July 2018. The items in this Mystery box are from… Edit: The July and August boxes have been clubbed as same box due to some delays from our machinist(yes, we designed yoyos this month). All boxes ship in the second week of August,2018

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The Lieutenant, The Colonel (4A), The General


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