Auldey Vortex Master level 4

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The Auldey Vortex Master Level 4 yoyo is a high-quality yoyo made of durable AL 6061 aluminum. With a diameter of 54 mm and a width of 40.8 mm, it offers a comfortable and balanced feel in the hand. Weighing 67 grams, it allows for precise and controlled movements during play.

One notable feature of the Auldey Vortex Master Level 4 yoyo is its additional hubstacks. These hubstacks enable spinstarts and various tricks that enhance the yoyoing experience. They provide extra options for creative play and add an element of versatility to your yoyoing repertoire.

The yoyo is unresponsive, meaning it doesn’t automatically return to your hand with a tug. This feature is particularly appealing to more advanced yoyo players who enjoy performing complex string tricks that require longer spin times. The unresponsiveness allows for longer spins and enables players to execute intricate and impressive maneuvers.

Despite its affordable price, the Auldey Vortex Master Level 4 yoyo delivers an excellent playing experience. It is designed to meet the demands of intermediate to advanced yoyo players who seek reliable performance and durability without breaking the bank. Whether you’re practicing new tricks or engaging in competitive play, this yoyo offers a great balance of responsiveness and stability.


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