PolyTwist Designs x Toybania x YoyoEmpire – Machination

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Due to some unexpected delays at factory, we won’t be able to ship these before 15th August,2018.

Hence, the orders will start again once the production is complete and ready to ship.

Edit: 13th September,2018. The yoyos are ready yo ship.


This is a pre order. These will be shipped in last week of July. The pre orders close on 2nd July.

The Machination is a premium bimetal brought to you by Toybania with original design based on the H ting
The design of the H Ting modified by Amun Chawla of PolyTwist Designs to bring you something completely new.
Machining is done by Yoyoempire.

What we got as a final result was something truly different than where we started at, This beast is made of 7075 ALUMINIUM with TITANIUM rings(Spark it, spark it, spark it).

The diameter is 58mm, width is 45mm and weight is 62.85g. For a bimetal with weight under 64g, it’s a powerhouse that spins forever and is stable to perform any of the tricks you put it through.

Gap width: 4.4mm.

Response: One Drop Flow Groove pads

Colors available will be Black, Gold, Raw and Mystery Fade.

If we missed out on any details, let us know. we’ll update the info as and when asked.


The colors will be as close as possible to the computer generated renders. The above renders just give an idea of how they’ll look.

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Black, Gold, Raw, Mystery fade

1 review for PolyTwist Designs x Toybania x YoyoEmpire – Machination

  1. ldr821 (verified owner)

    I purchased the MachinaTion during the open preorder period; let me be the first to say it was so worth the wait.

    10/10 dead smooth, spins forever, came in a lovely box and bag, and is just a joy to throw. The finish is fantastic for grinds and the shape is super accommodating to horizontal. The way the weight distribution has worked out results in a very stable yoyo, even at low RPM, while maintaining a light/floaty feel on the string. The Ting series has often had that “floaty but stable” description attributed to it due to the titanium rings, but the MachinaTion has pushed that ideal to its logical extreme in order to provide a very unique experience during play.

    In short, if you are in the market for a very unique yoyo that’s going to handle anything you can throw at it, go for the MachinaTion. And, if any happen to be in stock, grab the mystery fade version; you will not be disappointed.

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