Taurus v1 and Thing v1 prototypes

  1. Taurus is a 7075 monometal that is designed by Art Lanate from team Throw revolution.
Designed with fun factor in mind, and with a goal to support Art with his trip to 2018 Phillipines nationals, we have put some of the prototypes for sale. While this one is not the most perfect version to finalise, we still need to work on weight distribution of yoyo to spin longer and more stable. But what we can assure is, this is a fun yoyo and you’ll love it just like we do.   Thing is our first attempt at a slimline yoyo and this has been the most exciting project yet. The thing is made of Pom and if you love plastic yoyos, you’re going to be loving this beautiful piece. Since this is only our first take and we still believe that there’s always a room to improve the yoyos, we value your feedback and use it on upcoming projects and new designs. Both of the above yoyos are prototypes and have been hand tested by Vivek. All the yoyos come with no vibe and some part of the amount we make from this prototypes go to support Art Lanate for his trip to nationals and help him through the rough time of his life. Both the yoyos are 45usd each and are ready to ship. If you purchased a general mystery box in July-August, you already have the same yoyos coming in the box The specs of these yoyos are not disclosed since we want them to stay mystery.




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