Toybania Taurus 2020

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Isn’t it a great day to buy a yoyo today!


WIDER, BIGGER, & POWERFUL based on the 2018 Prototype version we decided to amp up the dimensions and carve out the profile for minimal yet functional throw pushing the weight to the outer rim for more solid throw, 74% of the design is inspired by high-end Japanese yoyos for aesthetic yet premium look.
Still comes with 7075 high-grade aluminium for optimal stability, longer 10 mm stainless steel axle and full sized diameter of 55.52 mm and wider profile of 45.19 mm!

Also the Center hub has a little dimple for casual finger-spin capabilities if you want to do it for fun and add it to your favorite combo!

Please note: The color looks slightly different in pictures. It’s more amazing in person.


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