Vosun Haeli (B grade)

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A titanium yoyo by Vosun.

Vosun has been making yoyos for a really long time and they have been know to make fantastic yoyos at a tight budget. With Haeli, Vosun has upped their game and entered a premium space of titanium yoyos with beautiful splashes and anodizing on them.

Haeli is beautiful, strong and can handle all your tricks with ease, especially speed tricks.

The batch stocked at Toybania is B grade. They have been marked B grade for fading ano in some areas of yoyos. They don’t have any kindly of vibe and play as good as any A grade.

Here are the specs:

Diameter 55 mm

Weight 65 g

Width 42.5 mm

Material TC4

Axle M4 x 8mm

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