Yoyo Starter Kit


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After looking for a while into the scene, and trying different yoyos we have found a perfect beginner yoyo from YoyoFormula, that is, D1.

Made from delrin and available in 2 colors, white and purple, this yoyo is made to be felt on the string weighing 67.1grams which is heavier than most yoyos in market, talking about the design this has a proper weight distribution making it fun and a great responsive yoyo. Once you nail down the basics, and feel ready for unresponsive yoyo, just put in the unresponsive bearing and you’re good to go busting longer string tricks.

This kit includes a Yoyo set up responsive out of box, an unresponsive bearing and 30 strings making it a perfect starter yoyo within a budget less than 20USD.

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White, Purple


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