YoyoEmpire Little Fox 2

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Crafted with an aluminum 6061 body and stainless steel rings, the Little Fox 2 strikes the perfect balance between power and finesse. The aluminum body provides a lightweight and durable foundation, while the stainless steel rings add substantial weight to the inner rims, optimizing weight distribution for increased stability and spin control.

Weighing 66.5 grams, this yo-yo is engineered to excel in speed, stability, and spin duration. Its precisely balanced weight distribution ensures that each throw is smooth and controlled, allowing you to perform complex string tricks with confidence and precision. Whether you’re executing rapid transitions or executing technical maneuvers, the Little Fox 2 Yo-Yo is built to keep up with your every move.

With a diameter of 52.41mm and a width of 40mm, the Little Fox 2 strikes the perfect balance between a compact form factor and a powerful performance. Its smaller size allows for nimble and agile movements, enabling you to navigate intricate string formations effortlessly. Despite its compact nature, the Little Fox 2 packs a punch and delivers an impressive performance that will leave you captivated.

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