YoyoEmpire Ti-ME Mysterious Enchanter

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Isn’t it a great day to buy a yoyo today!


The first titanium yoyo from one of the finest yoyo manufacturers Yoyoempire.

The yoyo has a diameter of 57mm with width of 44mm and gap width of 4.5mm. It weighs 64.8gms (we promise it feels lighter than that)

Although a titanium yoyo, it’s not made to sit in your display cases, but meant to be taken out to play and enjoy the beauty. (We loved the color of the yoyo outdoors than indoors)

In terms of performance, this yoyo is fast, stable and can handle all your exert tricks ( including walk the dog and DNA).

This yoyo is a perfect pick if you like dinging your yoyos, or are looking to add sparks in your or someone’s life.

Thanks for reading, if you did. Now, buy it and make me 300$ richer with each sale.

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