YoyoEmpire Ting H Profile 2nd run


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  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Width: 44.5mm
  • Gap: 4.6mm
  • Weight: 66.8gms

Ting is a modern yoyo made with POM and features outer rims made out of Titanium. Due to these titanium rings, it doesn’t play heavier on the string and feels very floaty. The profile of the yoyo is H shape and is wide enough to make a lot of tricks easier. The fingerspin hub on the cups of yoyo are made of Aluminium.

The second version come loaded with hybrid ceramic bearing and a stainless steel bearing.

Second run TINGs have silver hubs.

THE second run start shipping from 15th November 2017.

only 26 of each color will be sold and the same colours are not going to be repeated. Pre orders for the second run start from 7th November 2017.

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Black with silver hubs, Yellow with silver hubs


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