YoyoFormula D3


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Yoyoformula is an underrated brand who has been making great budget yoyos, with their plastic models, that are lit on quality aspect, while being pocket friendly.

The D3 is a polycarbonate yoyo with inner steel rims that actually spins smooth as a glass would. You can’t help with the spinning noise but on string, it’s a powerful yet sweet killer that can take any of your tricks. While hybrid yoyos rely on the rim weight and feel heavy, the rings in this one are inside cups, which makes the yoyo feel a lot floaty and fun. This yoyo comes in only 2 colors but for 12$, the value is unbeatable.

Yoyo Specifications:

Diameter 56.9mm
Width 42.2mm
Weight 68.1g

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Transparent, Blue


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